18 December 2006

I just ordered myself a crazy little Nabaztag/tag, the new wifi rabbit from Violet (a French company who make ambient/smart devices).

Nabaztag does a load of slightly useless stuff, like reading RSS feeds aloud and telling you the time and weather. But what interests me the most about this device is the API that will allow me to hook certain things relating to my job – such as monitoring client sites and code deployments into the Nabaztag, allowing it to passively notify me of things happening within my digital environment. I was very excited when I discovered the existance of a Ruby library for controlling the Nabaztag as well.

Ok, I also admit that I love gadgets – and who isn’t going to be intrigued by this little gadget…

The new version of the Nabaztag (this is the second version, bizarrely now called “Nabaztag/tag”, seems a strange way to name sucessive products), has a microphone in its belly button and uses RFID to (as they describe it) “smell” objects that you attach an RFID tag to and perform actions based on what it has detected.

Looking forward to getting it! The place I ordered from is supposed to have stock today, so lets hope I get it before Christmas.


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