Rails Documentation Project

18 December 2006

What has happened to the attempts to fully document Rails? A while back, caboo.se launched a drive to raise money for paying authors to write up the largely undocumented and #nodoc Rails API but after collecting $16000 we still don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

I will put my hands up and admit that I have yet to contribute any money, but the reason I am posting about this now is because I do keep checking to see if anything is happening with the intent of throwing in $50 or so once the project gets moving – so far I’m not seeing this.

Considering that the original article says they are looking for $5000 to get the project started, then what’s the hold up?

What we really need in Rails is a solid documentation project aimed at developers working with the language everyday, which is fast to lookup, contains well researched examples of how to use the api and which offers the content in a variety of different formats (XML, RSS, HTML) for use in things such as dashboard widgets/custom browsers/textmate bundles.

So far all that seems to exist is a Stikipad Wiki for the project – come on guys, we need to keep up with the Django book project


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