Ditching Windows

29 December 2006

With the advent of Windows Vista I have decided to finally ditch Windows on my desktop computer (the main computer I use is already my MacBook Pro, I mainly use the desktop for storage).

So, as we speak I am preparing a dual boot machine for Ubuntu Edgy whilst I double check I can transition everything properly as my 250gb SATA drive is currently running on a SiS RAID card built into the motherboard – if I can’t find drivers then I loose all that storage when I’m in Ubuntu which is less than ideal.

So this might be a final F-You to Microsoft. It’s not that I’m against Windows, indeed I think it has it’s place along with all the other operating systems, but the direction Windows is going in just doesn’t interest me anymore and a Vista upgrade definitely wasn’t on the cards.

First we’ll have to see how the installation goes as I may well be eating my words in a few hours time…


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