Ditching Windows: Part 2

30 December 2006

Woe is me, my switch to Ubuntu went badly – turns out that Ubuntu wouldn’t recognise my second monitor/graphics card or the (built-in) SiS 180 RAID controller that is actually responsible for handling the SATA bus. This means that I cannot use my 250gb hard disk or the second monitor, which is a terrible hindrance.

I gave OpenSuse a quick bash and it did succeed in detecting my second graphics card and also identified one device connected to the SiS 180 controller, unfortunately I was unable to mount the device and kept getting a lot of weird errors.

Fortunately I dual booted so for the moment I can keep running XP Pro whilst I devise a way around this set back…at the moment I am considering using OpenSuse in conjunction with a new (Suse supported) PCI based SATA controller to connect my SATA drive to.

The saga continues…


  1. Michele Says:
    Which version of Ubuntu are you trying?
  2. David Says:
    I was trying it on Edgy Eft. There is an sata driver in the kernel called sata_sis (which is also supplied by my motherboard manufacturer Asus for earlier versions of the Kernel that didn't have it built in) - but it doesn't seem to recognise the drives attached to my SiS 180.
  3. internet bob Says:
    sata drives and raid controllers are nothing but a pain in the a55, imo.
  4. David Says:
    Tell me about it. I was already to switch to Linux on my desktop...but now it seems I'm stuck with Windows

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