23 February 2007

Slife is the new awareness browser for the Mac OS X that lets you visualize your computer activities like never before.

Slife is a cool little Mac OS X time browser that tracks the apps you use and lets you get a historical view of your productivity. I’m giving Slife a try whilst I work on some client projects to check that I’m using my time wisely. They have an online service as well called SlifeShare – even though they go to lengths to protect your privacy (not taking an email address from you or a name), I’m not sure I can see the immediate value in uploading all my details to the web. I’m sure this would be a very good tool for creating a Nielsens type rating system for Mac software – taking a cross section of Mac users and their usage habits. It’s not that I necessarily think my data is going to be abused, it’s just I don’t see the value in uploading it at the moment.

The Slife interface is nice, quite clean and features a Menu Extra that allows you to choose which project you are currently working on and then track your usage habits whilst working on a certain project. One thing I don’t see at the moment is some funky visualisation of my data, no graphs/charts/stats that are interesting or pretty to look at, the main view shows little dots to indicate activity for a certain app over time but I can’t help think that there needs to be more than this in order for the app to be really useful.

All in all, well worth trying out.

I have created a TextMate scriptlet to grab the name and path of the current document in TextMate and log it to Slife. TextMate Scriptlet


  1. Christopher Says:
    David, I've been trying your TextMate script, and while it does do the preliminary integration with Slife and TextMate, it doesn't seem to do durations properly. I've been editing one document non-stop for the past few minutes, but Slife has it recorded as "a couple seconds" a bunch of times over. I really don't know enough about the AppleScript or the XML file to fix it myself quite yet, but if you have any pointers or need someone to test and give good bug reports, I'd be glad to help. I live and die by TM, and I'd love to be able to prove it with Slife :D The comment form has my email, and I'll keep an eye on this page as well.
  2. David Says:
    Hey Christopher - I actually stopped using Slife recently so I didn't get a chance to go back to the script. I did see the problem you described but I didn't have the time to take out to investigate what was causing it. If I do get time I'll take another look at it and upload an updated version.

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