Goodbye Zen, Hello Be

29 March 2007

After a super recommendation from Guy I decided to switch broadband providers to Be – they’ve just recently installed their LLU equipment into our local exchange and are offering ADSL2+ speeds (24mb down/1.3mb up) to customers on a reasonably priced £24p/m package.

As my needs are a little advanced I went for the static IP option which cost me an extra £4 per month, but still quite reasonable.

My activation date is next week so lets hope it all goes without a hitch, if I lose the internet then my business is dead for a day and I’ll have to camp out in Starbucks in town which is less than ideal (but at least I get some good coffee).

If my previous ISP Zen offered LLU in my area then they would have easily kept me as a customer. They’ve been a great ISP in the year I’ve been with them and have offered a really reliable and fast connection for the entire time I have been with them. The customer experience for requesting migration really was something special as well, the first customer service rep. I spoke to was able to deal with my request for a migration code and didn’t ask me why I wanted to cancel or who I was moving service to (I guess they’ll find this out anyway) and no attempts to persuade me to stay at all. The guy was really helpful and took the time to read back and confirm the migration code he gave me and really was just super helpful.

Zen, it’s been good and I’ll sign back up with you in an instant if you offer LLU in Leeds. Let’s hope Be lives up to Zen and delivers on the super-fast speeds I’m hoping for.


  1. Nick Harris Says:
    Did your switch go ok? I'm thinking about switching from Demon 8mbs to Be 24... but definitely don't need the loss of a couple of days connection, and they only say on the site "you will experience a loss in connection for a short while" How long did you lose yours for?
  2. David Says:
    @nick - I have yet to switch, my activation date has been confirmed for the 5th of April. I gather it involves some physical work in the exchange so lets hope it all goes to plan! I'll let you know how it goes :)
  3. Graham Pengelly Says:
    Come on, spill the beans. How did it go? I'm just waiting for my MAC code before taking the plunge (Pipex take 3 days to email it apparently. What they do during that time is anyone's guess but there you go).
  4. David Says:
    Well - migration went pretty smooth. Phone went off for half an hour and when it came back on we were connected. I replaced the extension cord that runs from my master socket with a new one to try and get a better speed. I'm currently on about 1,148kbps up and 11,363kbps down - which isn't great. But if I plug the router straight into the master socket I can get about 16,000kbps down - that's not really practical in my setup. I've not had any problems yet and the increased speeds are definitely noticable. All in all its been a very good experience.
  5. Graham Pengelly Says:
    Sounds good. I'm raring to go if only Pipex would come up with the MAC goods. Still no sign...

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