I cannot believe this advert

11 June 2007

Watching TV just now I heard an advert with a god awful song about “Knock-Off Nigel” and sat and watched trying to decipher just what it was selling. Reaching the end of the advert I had no idea and assumed it was some kind of beer advert (it looked like it was set in a pub).

So after a bit of searching on the web I came across a blog that shed some light on the issue. Turns out this is a terrible terrible attempt to try and make bad guys out of people who trade files on the internet and buy knock off dvds etc.

But…there’s a problem here – first off, the average person probably wouldn’t pay any attention to that advert – I think it speaks volumes that I had to search the web to try and find out what it was selling. Secondly, I think file trading has past the point where it can go back to being publicly unacceptable. In my professional community it isn’t really looked down on to occasionally use file sharing, but it does seem to be governed by an unspoken code of what is right and what is wrong.

I suggest copyright holders look to try and find new ways of making money out of us on the internet, based on the new rules of:

That’s my rant over for now, let’s hope they can this new ad campaign quickly or I see a lot more ranting posts from me in the works


  1. Daniel Smalley Says:
    The record companies need to get their money from somewhere, cocaine isn't cheap you know. For a good example of how things should be done get over to www.bleep.com and get treated like an adult not a shoplifter.
  2. alex Says:
    sorry - bollocks. if everyone bought fake DVDs or downloaded them as torrents then there'd be no fucking money left to make any more films would there? so everyone looses out 'cos you're too tight to pay £7 in Tesco for the latest James Bond. Why don't we just nick everything? I don't fancy paying £10 for a bottle of nice wine in Threshers...perhaps I'll just steal it - after all only the greedy bastard vineyard owners would loose out wouldn't they?
  3. David Says:
    It's interesting Alex, you fall into quite a common trap regarding intellectual property - you can argue with me all you want with me but I do suggest some reading around the issue, intellectual property is the rights someone is granted to exclusivity over a piece of work for a set period of time. First off I really don't appreciate you saying "you're too tight" and swearing in my comments, I'm really not sure why you're being so aggressive, I just said I didn't like an advert :) Theft is physically depriving someone of something that they own. It seems a strange distinction to make perhaps but you can think of it like this, if someone goes into Threshers and take the bottle that they don't own then they are physically depriving them of something they own and hence theft - this equates directly to something they now cannot sell because they do not have it. Abusing someone's legally sanctioned intellectual property license does not equal one lost sale, and definitely does not deprive the license holder the ability to sell a particular item (unless someone stole their master copies). I think I spelled out my points pretty succinctly in the bullet points at the end of my post, license holders need to find new ways to sell us things that are good value for money. Like Daniel said above, I also love using Bleep.com to buy music because its a really nice experience, they don't DRM it (so I can use it on my iPod and my fairly basic iRiver MP3 player) and the cost is a bit more reasonable. I'd really suggest listening to this "Cory Doctorow podcast,":http://ia300131.us.archive.org/3/items/Reboot70HallAspeakerssaturday/1.Cory_Doctorow.mp4 it's very enlightening and helped me to realise that business models are going to change and we'll all think differently in a few years.
  4. DPS Says:
    The theory that downloading an album is theft in the same way that stealing a bottle of wine is theft is just flawed. By that logic the record company should remove 10 quid from their profit statement everytime they give out a free CD with a newspaper/magazine. After all since they have given the CD away for free they are no longer able to sell it.
  5. Paul Says:
    At the start of this blog the person said: I think it speaks volumes that I had to search the web to try and find out what it was selling. Am i a genius or is this guy not the brightest pixie in the forrest?
  6. David Says:
    Are you making a statement or talking to me? Yeah, it wasn't immediately obvious - what the hell is knock off Nigel - was it a joke? was it serious? who commissioned it? There was no mention of any of that - it could have been cleared up pretty simply by putting a more explicit cue as to the adverts origin. Anyway, my point stands - its a big waste of money. Spend it evolving your business, not coming up with hair brained schemes.
  7. Paul Says:
    Dear David, I realised as soon as he sang the last line of the song what the purpose of the advert was. I don't care if it was the government or record companys who made the advert. They both lose millions and both hate counterfeiters. I think the advert is brilliant and funny. And it has had the desired effect which is to make us all think. So it will more than pay for itself. Bytheway there is a knock off Nigel in my block of flats. Should i ring the bizzies?
  8. David Says:
    Hi Paul, I'm sure neither of us would agree on this so lets agree to disagree. To get a feel for the general populations view on this I suggest "checking out Technorati":http://search.technorati.com/knock%20off%20nigel?authority=&language= Also, I notice that you have a spyware app called "FunWebProducts" installed on your Internet Explorer 6 (it shows up in my logs). I'd suggest searching the web for "remove funwebproducts":http://www.google.com/search?q=remove%20funwebproducts&sourceid=mozilla2&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 as spyware can be quite nasty and you might be at risk of exposing your personal data. Try using "Firefox":http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ as your browser as well as its a bit better at resisting spyware infections. Cheers, David
  9. Paul Says:

    Dear David, Thankyou for pointing out the FunWebProducts This is my daughters computer and she downloads all kinds of garbage programs. I think it could be messenger plus live which is the problem. The sensitive stuff is on the other computer which is more secure. I phoned somebody once to tell them that they had an email virus on their computer and they reacted like i said they had fleas. All my mates use firefox, but i like explorer. Thanx again Paul

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