The IFPI anonymously attack people on blogs

26 June 2007

Recently I made a post about my thoughts surrounding a really bad advert on TV to do with copyright violators in the UK. In it I said that the advert was really a waste of money for what could be spent on devising a new business model to sell us entertainment at a rate that represents good value for internet distributed material. I also said that file sharing in general shouldn’t be vilified (I’ve met people from the BBC and other broadcasters who themselves have accounts on UKNova), and I’ve known of people using trackers which share mix tapes.

Totally missing my point, I got a comment from alex who helpfully started swearing and getting aggressive over a simple opinion piece I chose to write.

Today I decided to take a quick IP lookup on the IP address he posted the comment from and I almost fell off my chair with laughter, it couldn’t have been from any other place than the IFPI – The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry !

So now it appears that along with the advert campaign, comes a campaign of getting people to pitch up at detractors blogs and start swearing at them. I wonder if this guy is a full time paid employee, or whether they have a summer intern student at it, come on ‘alex’ – I’d love to know more (without the swearing this time).


  1. DPS Says:
    Unless Alex is working for a department in the IFPI specifically devoted to slagging people off in blogs I would suggest that he is surfing when he should be working. He sounds like a bit of a knock off Nigel to me.
  2. mr k Says:

    the guy also mis-spelled lose as loose. Tsk Tsk, the IFPI cant even get properly educated henchmen these days…. What is the country coming to etc….

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