Litmus goes live

15 August 2007 After two months of toil and late nights to fit it around my daytime contracting job - Matt, Paul and I have finally managed to get Litmus out the door and live.

There were some tense moments after we had taken the old SiteVista site down and began hitting some extremely annoying problems with our hosting company. But after a pretty heroic effort from everyone we finally got it up and running just a day later than we had originally planned. Credit especially goes to Matt who stayed up over 24 hours straight to get ready for launch! - Matt, I can't really thank you enough for your dedication to making this a success - I'm sure your effort will pay off.

At the moment we're running a Litmus launch promotion - offering an insanely cheap package to celebrate, and as Paul puts it:

What's the catch? There isn't one. We're looking to expand our product line by adding OS X and Windows software clients for Litmus, but could do with some extra R&D money to invest in developing them. Offering a small number of patron accounts seemed like a good way of raising some additional cash for the side project.

Having seen it work so well for Textdrive we thought a promotion like this was exactly what we needed to kick start Litmus and crack on with adding extra features and capacity asap.

We now have a 30 day free trial with no charge made to your card until the first 30 days is up - and quite soon the ability to signup with your PayPal account


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