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24 October 2007 As a concerned citizen who knows someone who has recently fallen victim to the UK P.A.O. parking company - I felt it was my duty to try and raise awareness of why people should not be intimidated by their shoddy practises.

UK PAO are a car parking enforcement company based on a council estate in Leeds (see map below) who operate car park fining based on tactics of sounding official and pestering their victims into paying based on some shaky legal assertions.

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Having been extensively investigating their processes I felt it only fair that I post all the useful links I have discovered in an attempt to gain some search prominence for anyone else searching for UK P.A.O. or the UK PAO website based at (not linked - they don't deserve any link love) - turns out that Stephen Clement (from freely available whois information) has set up the company domain to redirect to a (his?) home IP address, opting to host the server on the end of a residential ADSL line - hardly makes them sound like a proper company at all (I'm not mean enough to link to that IP but you can find it in the source of their main site).

I appreciate I'm going to get some trolls from parking companies turning up, but I'll be honest - you aren't hard to spot and all your interactions with my server are logged, I'm not afraid to call you out.

Most importantly, don't be afraid to blog your own experiences and link to them in the comments.
Here are some useful links I have found so far - please provide any of your own relating to UK PAO or similar private parking charging companies - I'll bump good ones up to here.


  1. walter butterworth Says:

    i have fallon victim to ukpao p/pit cost me 60 witch i have paid is there any thing i can do to get it back thank you

  2. David Says:

    Hi Walter,

    Unfortunately – if you paid them then there’s not much you can do about it. Paying kind of signals that you accepted their terms and agreed you were in the wrong.

    I’d suggest you take your specific problem to the fightback forums – just follow the link to “Help: parking ticket (UK PAO Leeds)” link at the bottom of my original post.

    Good luck!

  3. Andy J Says:

    i got a ticket because i parked on double yellows when no bays were available, they wrote back and said that i should have parked in a bay, even though none were available. they even put in the letter that i was just unlucky! to top it off, i arrived at my friends at 09:55pm and got the ticket at 09:59pm. even worse is the way other cars are parked, on side walks and blocking entrances, but they issue no tickets to these cars!

    im disputing the ticket now, and will not be paying a penny until they show me video evidence of where i could have parked or the mistery bays i could have used!

    what do you think?

  4. David Says:

    Hi Andy,

    I suggest you take your problem over the Fightback forums I linked to above. They’re a really good group of people and are able to give some great advice.


  5. Anna Robinson Says:

    I’ve just got a ticket in Headingley Arc car park despite being an Arc customer and having receipted proof of this. I’ve refused to pay and they’re upping my fee daily by 3.

  6. J.Naylor Says:

    I too have been stalked by these charachters who saw me running out of a free carpark outside maplin/hein gericke in leeds(for shopers of these shops), after a blown away receipt. When i retured to my car 1 minute later i had a ticket. These guys must be sat watching for opertunity with a prewritten receipt, this is not on.

  7. Barnsley Boy Says:

    Check up on pepipoo “fight back” forums. UK PAOs threatened court case with “abbie” has come to nothing. They got as far issuing papers but, when they saw the defence, they headed for the hills.

    Like all bullies, they are cowards at heart.

  8. louise Says:

    I too was issued a parking ticket yesterday outside my gym in Leeds. I have read all of the above as well as n Pepipoo. Should I just completley ignore the ticket or appeal it? I don’t want to give them any of my details etc? Please help!

  9. Elliot Says:

    To all these idiots who don’t understand why the ticket system is out there:

    You are given a ticket because you have violated a parking agreement, it’s as simple as that.

    If you park in a disabled bay, when you clearly are not disabled then you will be charged..

    If you park on a double yellow then that’s definately your own fault, you don’t park on a double yellow ANYWHERE.

    If there are no bays for you to park, then I’m afraid it’s tough luck, if everyone else was parked on the sidewalk with no ticket why didn’t you?

    Just accept some responsibility for your actions in this mamby pamby society.

    Thanks, Elliot.

  10. David Says:

    Thanks for that Elliot.

    If you park like an idiot outside my house, take up 4 spaces/block the end of my drive and I come and put a ticket on your car…you get mad and you definitely wouldn’t pay it. Why? Because I have no authority to do that, or legal precedent for me to try and enforce any kind of parking agreement on you.

    What is under discussion here is the underhand tactics and unfair appeals processes conducted by these private parking companies. If I get a ticket from the council its a fair cop, and if I think that ticket was unjustified then I feel confident in lodging an appeal.

    Clearly you either know nothing on this topic or you are just trolling on behalf of a parking company.

  11. Elliot Says:

    Private companies like these all normally have perfectly adequate signs warning customers/clients about the parking circumstances. It’s not actually the companies that set up these circumstances, it is the management of the people who own the sites (i.e. the land you’re parking on). Which, by parking on this land, fully entitles them to charge you if you breech the ‘unspoken’ contract.

    So why is it “fair cop” if you’re charged by the council but not by one of these companies? They’re doing the same thing; Protecting their ‘land’ from chaotic parking. If people had some consideration in their parking there would be no need for any enforcement from the council OR private parking companies.

    Clearly I know nothing on this topic.

  12. David Says:


    I speak from the perspective of someone who did receive a private parking ticket. We were very upset because the car park was very badly signed (it was a big car park and only some parts were restricted). I went back and photographed the scene – where the car was parked, where the nearest signs were and where other people had parked and told them I did not believe the signage was sufficient or clearly marked. To add insult to injury the site management who put the ticket on the car did so almost immediately after parking. If they had explained the situation and pointed out these area were reserved we would have gladly moved the car.

    No dice, not even a satisfactory explanation of why it was turned down, they didn’t want to know and eventually we caved rather than face a lifetime of debt collection harassment.

    By contrast, my girlfriend parked in a residents only zone whilst visiting an elderly client who needed home care. The council issued her a ticket, she wrote to them, explained the circumstances and provided copies of her work credentials and they refunded the ticket – with suggestions as to what her company could do to get blanket permits to cover all the clients they go to visit.

    Clearly you do know something on this, but then I believe your knowledge probably has something to do with being associated with these crooks.

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