A productive morning for Litmus

06 March 2008

This is a somewhat self-congratulatory post today, after a few weeks of hard slog and testing we finally put the Litmus 24 hour passes live!

We’ve received lots of requests from customers for a credits based system, but we felt this didn’t fit the model of how people would use Litmus. When fixing a template bug people want to fire off lots of tests as they iteratively work through a problem without fearing how much each test is costing them. So we decided that a pass to use Litmus for 24 hours for as many tests as you care to do works perfectly. From the response we are getting from customers we know this was the right thing to do. We even got a nod from John Gruber over on Daring Fireball

That’s not all though…

In light of the growing demand for Litmus and our booming API/Whitelabel deals the current database server was taking a beating. So at 7am this morning we managed to successfully move the database over to a much more powerful server with only 20 minutes of downtime. So far the load looks to have eased and we look forward to the increased response times for our customers.

If that wasn’t enough, Matt managed to launch IE 8 Beta testing which should be available to all our customers immediately!

So if you haven’t already, swing by and give us a try – there’s a 7 day trial included in the monthly plans, or the new 24 hour pass is only €12.


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