Exciting times

09 April 2008

This last weekend I was up at Scotland on Rails – met loads of great people and saw lots of interesting talks. Well done to the organisers for putting together a Ruby/Rails conference in the UK. It had been a long time coming since RailsConf Europe came (and went) to London a few years ago (as an aside, is this always going to happen in Berlin now? I had hoped it was going to do a grand tour of Europe).

At the conference I was offered a job with Engine Yard and I’m delighted to say that I accepted the offer and will be starting in May!

Big thanks to Jamie van Dyke for giving me the opportunity.


  1. Baz Says:

    Congratulations on the job.

    Next Ruby Thing and the Brightbox/Engine Yard face-off will escalate methinks!

  2. Paul Says:


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