MetaWebLog API returns to Mephisto

22 July 2008

At long last it looks like the MetaWebLog API has made it back into Mephisto as a plugin. I had started working on this myself but it was just too low priority for me with all the various things I have going on at the moment.

I know it was the intention of the Mephisto core team to stop this API from depending on the now deprecated ActionWebService framework and have someone else move it onto its own independent xmlrpc code. But to be honest this has been too long coming to turn down the plugin, even if it is still relying on ActionWebService (there seems to be a newish port of it on GitHub that might keep up with the rest of Rails with a new committing team).

And so onto the plugin itself, just drop by the RailsHacks blog to pickup the code and instructions for use. If you can see this post then it definitely works as I’ve just written it in the awesome MarsEdit and posted directly to this blog using it.


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