Using Passenger on OS X

05 December 2008

Despite having been reluctant to ditch my ‘tried and tested’ method of Rails deployment using nginx/mongrel/monit I decided that I couldn’t ignore Phusion Passenger anymore and gave it a spin on my local machine for development work.

The passenger pref pane for OS X made setting up Passenger super easy and I was even able to set it up to respond to some wildcard subdomain apps I work on. Best of all it works with the default OS X Apache install so it makes for very few moving parts in your local development setup.

Based on the super success of using Passenger for development I’ve deployed a production application server for Litmus using Apache2/Passenger/Ruby Enterprise.

There’s another post in the works which outlines how we’ve scaled Litmus recently to handle a 500% growth in subscribers, the outline will be on the Litmus blog going into more detail on this site.


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