Geek Volunteering

27 January 2009

Volunteering at Old Broadcasting House

This weekend I assembled a group of volunteers to work on a coding project for Just Coffee People, a social enterprise in Leeds who sell some of the best tea and coffee I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking. We worked to redesign and rebuild their website so they can sell their products online. Whilst the site is not quite ready to go live, we made significant progress and worked on a modified version of the open source Ruby on Rails ecommerce project Spree.

Extra special thanks to everyone who gave up their Saturday and Sunday to donate their skills to a worthy cause. John, Caius, Tim, Matt, Matt, Jonathan, Paul, Edward. More thanks to Linda from nti Leeds who let us use their wonderful Old Broadcasting House co-working space for the weekend. It was an ideal environment for organised geeking, we’d have been lost without such a great space to work in.

Hopefully soon we’ll be selling their great tea and coffee to the world, more announcements here as we get close to the launch.


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